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*Note: As promised, here is the biography behind the character Lues*
*Lues was a character I created for the closing City of Heroes. And while he wasn't my first, he was definitely my favourite.*
*Lues art work:… *


//Hero Registry

Name: Lues
D.O.B: Unknown
Age: (Allegedly) 97
Powers: None Tech Expert
Uses technology to tap into the realm of magic, allowing him to manipulate Pain, instantly fabricate materials (most notably his bow and arrows); he has also obtained the ability to run at the speed of sound and jump 8 stories high.
Lues wears a thin layer of fabric laced with nano-technology which produces mystical armour not visible to the naked eye (but visible to those who possess a third) which doesn't make physical contact with his body. It instead hovers a few centimetres away from him allowing optimal flexibility. The armour also weighs nothing.

The nano-technology also enchants him with other abilities.
Such as rapid cellular regeneration which explains why he's as old as he says he is which he had obtained when he was 49 (which also explains why he looks so old >.>).  
He also possesses enhanced strength, reflexes, and hardened skin. His bones are also notably stronger than that of the average human. All 5 of his senses have been heightened, and we suspect he has a 6th, although he denies it playing it down as heightened eye-sight.

He claims that the magic is slowly being absorbed into his body, so that, even without the nano-tech, he'll still retain the enhancements to some degree.

He is, for lack of a better term, super-human. He is definitely still human, but everything about him is far above average. Intelligence is also way normal.

He is very cold. Not physically, but the way he interacts with people. I have never seen him smile. But if you hear his history, what he's been through, you would understand why.


Who wouldn't want to go back in time and right wrongs? The problem is it doesn't work. If you go back in time, you become a part of history. In my future, the world is in chaos. The villains of Rogue Isles started an all out war to take Paragon City. The fighting was brutal, and went on for months. Paragon was declared a No Man's Land the government gave up on the city.
Over the course of the conflict, three of the Freedom Phalanx was KIA. Sister Psyche was slain by Ghost Widow. Back Alley Brawler was destroyed by Lord Recluse, his remains were never found.

But worst of all, Positron died when his suit was ruptured by Captain Mako. Upon his death, he released an extensive amount of thermonuclear radiation, wiping out more than half the city, along with any citizens still there.

The war then took a turn for the worst. Shivans rained down all around the globe, and with Paragon forces spread thin, Arachnos pressed home their advantage. It was then that the Protheans came from their dimension as allies and the war turned in our favour. A year later, the city was reclaimed. Paragon's No Man's Land status was lifted. And after a decade the city was rebuilt to its former glory.

When things had finally settled down; when it seemed like we finally achieved some stability; while we had our guard down, the Protheans turned on us. Portals opened everywhere, and a Prothean army marched through.

To make matters worse, Darrin Wade an ex-Midnighter successfully killed Statesman; Zeus Incarnate. Statesman was the one person capable of dealing with Tyrant the Prothean half of Statesman.

After his death, Heroes fell in droves. The Freedom Phalanx fell apart. Numina turned against us, Synapse and Manticore disappeared assumed KIA. The soul remaining member of the Phalanx was Citadel.

Defeat followed defeat; many Heroes gave up hope. They either fled or followed in Numina's footsteps and turned to the winning side. But Manticore had a plan. He was thought to have deserted, but they could not be more wrong. He was building an army, a major task force.

I was a part of Manticore's task force. We were trained extensively. I was but a minor hero more of a tech expert than a hero until he trained me. The task force had one simple objective: destroy all portals linking to the Prothean Home World, and then annihilate those trapped here.

The day Tyrant officially announced his victory over Earth, we struck. Among Manticore's task force was a fellow Hero: Binary. His attack powers are non-existent; however, he can "communicate" with computers by intercepting data feeds. He used his power to shut down the Portals around the globe an act that would eventually cost his life for an hour. Once they were down, teams of 50 Heroes hit every Portal to Praetorian Earth.

It almost worked. While the majority of Portals were destroyed indefinitely, a handful was saved from destruction. All of which are located in Paragon City. I was sent with Citadel to destroy the Portal Corporation buildings located on Peregrine Island. The fighting was toughest here. Unbeknownst to all of us, Praetorians included, Rularuu was watching eagerly. And he chose this day to launch an attack from the Shadow Shard. So while we fought to close the Portal to Praetoria, we were also fighting off Rularuu's forces to prevent them from spreading to the rest of the city.

We Heroes successfully closed one of the Portals on Peregrine; however, there were two more. And when Binary died, the Portals reactivated, and it looked like we were going to lose Paragon City. But I failed to realize just how far Manticore's plan went; Numina and the other turncoats arrived and begun to attack the Praetorians.

Eventually, only the two Portals on Peregrine Island remained. Reinforcements arrived with Manticore, with more on the way from other Portal sites. It looked like we were going to win. Manticore put me in charge of closing the gate to the Shadow Shard.

We fought for hours. I watched many of my friends perish in the fighting. We were eventually successful, we pushed Rularuu's forces back through the Portal and were about to close it when Manticore arrived.

Manticore told us to step away and let Citadel reprogram it. Confused, I inquired on why. All he said was Numina is holding Tyrant off for as long as she can for this one chance. I was still confused so I continued to question him. At that moment, Tyrant and his army burst through, and we were in the thick of it once more. The last thing Manticore said to me was "don't waste this chance". He then kicked me through the Portal back in time.


I have been kicked through that Portal 7 times now. And each time, I am forced to relive my past. You cannot change the past. Once you go back in time, you insert yourself into history; you become a part of it.

However, I have realized that this 7th time I've been sent through, I've been sent through a dimensional portal. Perhaps, I can stop the same happening to this Earth...
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